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WAKEUP Transfer Sticker Pack



When you think sticker, do you imagine: kids, the inside of your grade-school locker, or the outside of a torn binder? What if it could be a symbol that gives you a kick in the ass? That’s what it is for me. It’s on my travel mugs, my Moleskines, my laptop… nearly everywhere, and for one simple reason: I can NEVER forget to WAKEUP the fu** up!


Placement: Anywhere!!! Dishwasher safe and sticks to anything.

Application: Slow and steady. Apply the whole sticker surface to your product (Moleskine, travel mug, etc.//), slowly peel off while pressing the edge of each letter firmly against the surface of your object. Or, slap the whole freakin thing on, clear square and all.


Includes 3 stickers: small, medium and large in white OR black.


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