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WAKEUP. Be self-aware. Be awake.



WAKEUP is movement and a mindset. It’s a growing community of searchers, people that will live an extraordinary life. Together, we are ready to learn, and know that the time is now.

Break your date with complacency, redundancy, and the status quo. Answer the call to be present everyday. Live your best life.

Do you think there may be more? WAKEUP is about that more. You deserve to be actualized. WAKEUP your potential and nurture it into reality. Unbury your Core Values from your core. Let them motivate your actions.



WAKEUP is a growing community of searchers, people that have chosen to live an extraordinary life, but with the full knowledge that this is a learning process.

It is through your actions, dedication to values, and hard work that you can achieve this vision. This is where you decide what life to live. With outreach and guidance here, WAKEUP is a community that shares your core values. You are not alone.


Sustainability: This goes for you as a single human and us as a whole species. Stay enlivened and awake and keep the community around you the same.

Empathy: With an entire community at your back, you can achieve anything. Support is plentiful when everyone gives. Compassion is key.

Action: Feelings alone won’t cut it. We are doers.



I’m Jay Kubassek: entrepreneur, father and believer in bigger things. While I live the exact life I want on purpose, it took me quite some time to get here.

I’m definitely not a corporate, fall in line, think-inside-the-box type of guy. For many years that was hard to explain to a lot of people who don’t understand my “creator” mentality.

What I do believe in, is going to work on myself, establishing my life’s work, building on my character, having impact on society, challenging the status quo and harnessing my own value to fulfill my life’s purpose in being of service to others. I believe that, right there, sets you at a higher roadmap then running in the rat race.

You deserve to live your best life, and our contribution is to share our lessons with you and others who understand that there is a bigger purpose in life, and that by being inherently present, we are in charge of our own outcomes.

I came to this understanding myself at a crucial point in my life. I was feeling alone and in need of community. I was awake, but didn’t know what to do next. I began WAKEUP to help me better understand what I was experiencing. And what I quickly discovered is that there were people out there feeling the same way I was—looking for a better life balance, a life of intention; I was not alone.

And neither are you.

All the best,


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